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Upcoming GaymerX convention addresses sexual orientation in video games

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"There simply aren't many games that even attempt to explore the topic. The press has nothing to cover! Anyone who has the ability to create a game and who is bothered by LGBT representations in games should take up the challenge her/himself and make something. If we can get a conversation started around a particular game, it's much easier to expand the boundaries of that conversation and bring in the broader social and cultural issues."


Zero representation of gay characters in video games

What Jones brings up is important because it gets to the heart of the situation of LGBT issues in video games: a gay gamer con seems exclusive because it separates itself off major conventions. But, you know what's exclusion at it's finest? The fact that there hardly any lead gay game characters or representation at all.

The truth is that gamers do have to separate into different conventions in order to feel safe, unless they already have a safe space. This safe space may allow for the ideation of these missing gay characters in video games. Having a separate con is to create an environment that eliminates the panoptic gaze gaymers feel in the digital world, where harassment is rampant.


I am a girl and play video games. I often mask my gender because even putting this politely, I get asked for pictures of my breasts. If I'm kicking tail at a game, people call me derogatory names. I have played enough games to hear and see messages like "faggot", "homo" and other names thrown at gay comrades. Hell, even straight people get a lot of flack. 

I am bisexual myself and have not piped up about my orientation online. Why? I know if I say I was interested in a girl, went to a bar with so and so, some idiot player would start private messaging me about how he'd like to see my lesbian situations.

The online gaming world can be a scary place, moreso because there isn't any real penalties to acts of hate as there are in real life.

These comments criticize gays for putting it out there, when more often than not, a handful of gamers oversexualize LGBTs in their harassments. It is no wonder Xbox Live is making their version of "Hell", where users can flag harrassers and have them only allowed to game with other people with low reputation points.

“We all want our stories told. We are human, we are people. We live, we love,” says Ellen McLain in
her video for GaymerX.

Current Video Game Representation

Dys4ia is a game that addresses the hardships of being transgendered. This indie game has the user complete a series of mini games to tell Anna Anthropy's story about when she started hormone replacement therapy. This game can be played online for free here.

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