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In India, the crowds are getting louder

New Delhi rape crisis: "Hundreds of rapists are running scot-free, and the entire Delhi police is standing here to stop people like me?" a protester told The Times.

Why women are angry over the Missing Women's report

Yesterday's release of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry report was an emotional event that did little to guarantee justice for victims.

1989 Montreal Massacre was an anti-feminist attack, period.

The killer ordered the men in the room to leave before opening fire. What's wrong with calling out an anti-feminist attack for what it is?

Have yourself a gender-neutral Christmas

Girls with Nerf guns, boys with baby dolls: Sweden once again schools the world on gender equality.

Canada’s gay and lesbian newspaper: poor job in representing L's in its name

On October 18, Xtra! Magazine, the publication that bills itself as Canada’s gay and lesbian newspaper, published its 500th issue, and with it a timeline of gay and lesbian history in Vancouver since...

Radio station asks whether young women and girls are "doing enough" to prevent date rape

A radio station in Newfoundland wanted to know whether women and young girls were "doing enough" to ensure that they don't get raped.

Why isn't anyone talking about the misogyny involved in Amanda Todd's life and death?

With the death of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, BC schools have some reckoning on their hands. Will they take the opportunity to look at the systemic causes of Todd’s experience of harassment and violence...

Fighting the uterus threat

Vancouver-based video collective Deep Rogue Ram, headed by ex-CTV broadcast journalist Kai Nagata, takes aim at Motion 312, a private member's bill from MP Stephen Woodworth which...

Motion 312: an attack on Canadian women's right to choose

Canada is one of the few countries in the world with no legal restrictions on abortion, but women’s reproductive rights are being insidiously attacked in Motion 312.

Ann Romney's poignant desperation

Martyr complex?
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