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What Vancouver women think about the US Republican Party's "war on women"

While Clint Eastwood's strange "invisible Obama chair" endorsement of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention last night took over news headlines and Twitter feeds this morning, many...

At Republican convention, CODEPINK tells GOP to"end war on women"

Activists from CODEPINK disrupted the Republican National Convention, demanding economic justice and an end to the party's attacks on women's reproductive rights.

Burlesque and feminism: It's complicated

I’ve always felt I would like burlesque, just like all the feminists I know. But, living in Vancouver, a city spellbound by burlesque’s razzle-dazzle, it didn’t take me long to discover that my...

Media, please: stop pitting Jennifer Aniston against Angelina Jolie in a "race to the altar"

The real story of Jennifer Aniston's engagement to her beau Justin Thereoux is the story of a successful actress in her 40s getting married, for legitimate reasons. Instead, we must suffer the...

Surrey's Rakhi project: “Banding Together Against Domestic Violence” or against Indian culture?

Rakhi, also known as 'Raksha bandhan' or 'Rakhri', is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between a sister and her brother. The ceremony is fairly simple: sisters tie rakhi, a...

2012 Olympics media needs to get over policing female athletes' bodies

Olympic swimmer and medalist Leisel Jones was called fat by Australian media, resulting in a serious backlash online. When will the media learn to stop policing female athlete's bodies?

"I'm fat, Vancouver. Get over it" author on fans, haters, and future writing projects

Over the Canada Day long weekend, Vancouver-based writer Emily Walker's piece "I'm fat, Vancouver. Get over it." was published on The Vancouver Observer. It was a searing personal essay aimed at what...

Daniel Tosh's sick rape jokes ooze misogyny, and rabid stupidity

The big problem with comedians like Daniel Tosh is that their jokes aren't really about rape. Rape is the joke.

Fat singer tells haters to suck it

"I'm not offended when you call me fat. I am fat, that is a fact. I am fat. It's okay, we're still here,"
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