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Lunapads sets social innovation example

Suzanne Siemens and Madeleine Shaw, co-founders of Lunapads show how a little creativity and perhaps even a crazy idea can create a big impact on society.

The crucifixion of women at the grocery store checkout line

Misogynists rule the tabloids. It doesn't matter where you are: London Drugs, 7-eleven,  Safeway or on the B.C. Ferries. They all display  tabloid magazines at check-out plastered with...

Tackling the problem of lingerie sports

Young women playing hockey in sexy lingerie looks a lot like pornography.

Vogue's June issue botches effort to show women as serious athletes

Olympic athletes Hope Solo and Serena Williams are pictured running on either arm of their fellow Olympian, Ryan Lochte, on the June cover of Vogue (U.S. edition) magazine.

Fiat's offensive "boob job" ad: is there nothing that cleavage can't sell?

Fiat's new ad has viewers torn whether it's brilliant marketing or deeply sexist and boycott-worthy.

SlutTALK Vancouver: for feminists, is now not the time for talk?

The biggest challenge in talking about slut-shaming and feminism, it seems, is finding people who are willing to engage in the topic.

Unhappy Birthdays, Part 3: Why "birth rape" continues to happen

Jesusa Ricoy-Olariaga has learned much from the mothers who send their pain down the telephone wire to her position at a birth trauma helpline. She’s learned not only the “whats” of birth rape,...

At EPIC 2012, local businesswomen showcase passion for sustainable living

Four female entrepreneurs featured at EPIC 2012 share their insight as to why sustainability leads to profitability.

Mother's Day tribute to a brilliant immigrant mom

Michelle Pham paints the portrait of her mother, a fiercely intelligent woman (fluent in Russian, Chinese and English) who escaped Vietnam for a better life.

Best Mother's Day gifts come from the heart: real mothers' stories

And what was the original meaning of this celebration? Mother’s Day was initially a movement for mothers of fighting sons and husbands to rise up against the U.S Civil War. Somewhere along the line,...
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