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The Gender Files

In All This Son's Command

I’ve been away the past two weeks, working in China, so I only got to hear about the Conservatives’ decision to review the Canadian national anthem after they changed their minds. To think that I was...

Policing Figure Skaters' Gender

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics might be the first one with a PRIDE House dedicated to “evoking change in homophobia in the sports culture” but last week’s men’s figure skating competition at Pacific...

The Politics of Sex Toys

Does Canada have a problem with chemicals in our sex toys? According to Toronto Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, the answer is yes. In December, Bennett wrote an open letter to Federal Health Minister Leon

Better Than America at Gender Equality, Canada Can't Stop Now

Dan Savage recently put the “performing” back into the Chan Center for the Performing Arts – Bach?? No thanks!!  Performing to a packed crowd he spent two hours answering questions that people...

Why December 6th Still Matters

I don’t remember the Montreal Massacre so I can understand why some people my age tend to ignore December 6th. Even among people who remember the shootings there can be a feeling that we don’t need to

Ultimate Fighting Moves Hockey Out of Local Pubs. Does It Make Hockey Less Manly?

Hockey is becoming less manly? Explaining why you might see more ultimate fighting at your local pub.

Games Tarnished by Women's Exclusion

There’s a buzz in the air and it’s getting more noticeable by the day. You can’t ride the Skytrain, turn on the television, or walk into a mall without noticing the Olympics are going to be here awful

Striptease in "Vegas North"

Some people assume that learning about history is a boring exercise focused on memorizing names and dates that famous men did famous things. But an entertaining and engaging new book by Becki Ross, Bu

A Backwards Approach to Homelessness

With the Olympics approaching in just a few months, it’s hard to see what noticeable difference the province has made helping homelessness in Vancouver. It’s true there are some new shelters, but...
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