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Christmas gifts: for him

Hunting for just the right present for your honey can be hard, but it's also a chance to show how much you care.

The best gift of all is the gift of laughter. Here's how to get a smile on his face.

From a Mustache Mug to an epic flying experience, here are some Christmas treats just for him.

Under $50

1. Mustache Mug

Urban Outfitters, $12                  

Stache this under the Chistmas tree. Playfully tease him with the featured whiskers. Over breakfast, tell him that he's off the charts, but that his eggnog 'stache is a number four.

2. Comic Book Mighty Wallet

Chapters, $15

For the superhero in your life.

3. T-shirt with a cool camera graphic


Bang-On, $20 (Order online before December 12, and you'll get it just in time for Christmas).

So, a camera's been hanging around his neck for so long now that you've forgotten it's removable. Why not just permanently stick it on his T-shirt? From his starter instamatic to his decked out digital, print his favourite gadget on your favourite tee.

 Customize the T-shirt. Make it bang on.

4. iTunes gift card

Screen cap from, $25

Sure, he has nifty ways of getting free movies on the down low.  This holiday season, show him how to choose a favourite song, film or game without the guilt that comes with an illegal download. Watch his chest swell with pride and integrity.

5. Cookie Monster Hat

Urban Outfitters, $39

Keep him warm and just for you with this fail-proof chick repellent.

Under $500

1. Organic Spa Gift Basket (Large)

Saul Good Gift Co., $100

From a naturally-made lip balm for the perfect saultry lips that you can later enjoy to the organic hand shea butter, so his hands are extra smooth, make your Christmas day the most delicious ever with this gift for him.

2. Ultralight 30-Minute Flight

Perfect Day Experiences, $110; Photo sourced from

You send him to the sky. Why not take him higher?

He'll return feeling energized, and forever thankful for the amazing experience and the fact that he's still alive. Forget his male pals: you're his best friend forever.

3. Burberry Brit: Beige Plaid Tie

Screen cap from, $170

Tie this around his neck. It doesn't have to be all work and no play with this "up-for-anything" item.

4. Barnes Bag

Front & Company, $245

This ain't no man purse, ya hear? It's a brown pebble briefcase. With two exterior buckles and all sorts of fun pockets, your man will go to work with a bounce in his stride.

5. PS3/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Photo sourced from, $249

Photo sourced from, $59.99

You might be single for a month, but once he's done playing the game, he'll think you're the coolest girlfriend ever.

Over $500: you really love him

1. Hamilton Men's "Jazzmaster Chrono Quartz" Leather Strap Watch

Hamilton, $628.25

Strap this around his manly wrist.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Photo sourced from, $750 for two

Float away into the clouds with your man to the background beats of Nelly's "Hot in Herre."

3. Vancouver Canucks VS. Edmonton Oilers, Suite A, $834

Cheer for his top hockey team, as they tear it up on ice, and you'll score big with him. It may not be your idea of a romantic date, but he'll appreciate you that much more for being there.

December 26
Rogers Arena, 7 p.m.

4. Whistler tasting and helicopter tours, plus overnight stay

One-bedroom loft suite $219; Photo sourced from; Whistler Tasting Tour , $220 for two; helicopter tour, $378 for two

Take a Whistler Tasting Tour, or "progressive dinner," a lip-smacking four-course meal, four different restaurants, plus a "mystery stop." Hop into a chopper for a 20-minute flight to check out the incredible views from a bird's eye view. Head back to your four-star Adara Hotel and let it all sink in.

This is our top guy-keeper gift. This is the best we have to offer if you want to lock in forever with this guy.

Whether you're ready to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary or move your romance with him to a level he has probably never experienced before, this gift is guaranteed to create memories that will last forever and ever.

5. Bull Footstool: limited edition

Coach, $898

Strong and sturdy, like him.

Over $1000

1. Real-life Bulldog

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, $1000-$1500

Wrap a ribbon around this twee four-legged mutt. For the man who's fierce as a bulldog, and just as cute.

2. No1 Gift Set

Clive Christian, $1,040

Spritz a little magic in his life with the "world's most expensive perfume," created from "rarest" and "finest" ingredients.

3. Hudson Shearling Jacket

Coach, $1,998

So soft, so warm, like him.

4. Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

OSIM uAstro, $3,293

You want to give him a massage every night, you really do, but sometimes you're just too tired. The "zero gravity massage takes the pressure off of you and gives it to your guy in all his sore spots. Good vibrations for both of you.

5. Space

Photo sourced from, $220,000 for two

If experiencing zero gravity in a massage chair isn't enough, blast off into space, together, for a suborbital spaceflight experience.

Experience the pleasure of denial on the way up. Once you're in the orbit, you can explore each other unshackled by gravity. Float that one by him.

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