Here is what is making headlines:

Five UBC Frat Houses to Rent Students' Rooms Over Games
More than 200 students at the University of B.C. are being forced out of their rooms as five fraternities have decided to cash in by renting out rooms to 2010 Games visitors. All money collected will go towards a scholarship fund, to pay for repairs and maintenance work and to the fraternity's contingency fund.

Team Canada Roster Unveiled
Team Canada's Olympic men's hockey team for Vancouver 2010 games has been finalized and Vancouver Canucks’ own, captain Roberto Luongo, is one of the players who has named to this prestigious team.

DUI Charge Can Bar Olympic Tourists from Entering Canada, Lawyers Warn
According to a report from the Canadian Press, Canada Border Services agents will have the power to turn away any American who has a prior DUI charge during the 2010 Olympics. Interestingly, upwards of a million Americans a year are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Slopes are Empty, Whistler Mayor Tells Skiers
The mayor of the resort north of Vancouver is appealing for tourists and avid skiers and snowboarders alike to visit the famous resort as currently, the resort’s slopes are virtually empty. In contrast, other ski slopes on the North Shore seem to be doing much better.

Torchbearer Knocked to the Ground During Relay
The Olympic torch's 60-day coast-to-coast journey was brought crashing to the ground as according to police reports, Ms. Hansen, one of the torchbearers, was shoved to the ground just before 8 a.m. Monday. However, according to a statement sent out by protesters late Monday afternoon insists that the clash was the result of "confusion," and that no one purposely pushed Ms. Hansen over.