Expect the unexpected.

This cycle month’s energy continues to be rather interesting, and not easy if you like to be in control of your environment. Better to go with the flow. Even the flow will have some unexpected rocks and tree trunks to navigate.

This is a great energy for thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions to everyday problems. This time can be very adventurous, but keep in mind it can also be accident-prone. You may want to try some new form of exercise, but better to ease into anything new rather than push too hard at the beginning.

Dating and romance are interesting. This is one area where it’s a good idea to refrain from rocking the boat. If there are improvements you would like to make in your partner, this is not the time to discuss them.


Key Number 4

Offering guidance and support to others.

In this cycle month’s energy, you are particularly gifted in being able to offer nurturing counselling and support to others. This is especially true in family life, but you will probably also find that there will be colleagues and friends would benefit from your wise counsel. A few words from you can bring healing and wisdom into the lives of someone who might feel depressed.

Don’t be surprised if you gather a number of problems belonging to others, as you will most likely be seen as someone who can be turned to during times of need. 

You are a caregiver. But wait! In this cycle month you’re also a lover. Romantic relationships should be an important aspect of your giving nature. Pay attention to loved ones, but also remember to set some boundaries. In this cycle energy you must walk a fine line between being a caregiver and a doormat.

While you are being so generous to others, it’s important to remember to respect their privacy. There is a slight tendency to gossip.

Key Number 5

Use your insight.

If ever there was a time to trust your intuition, this is it. This cycle month’s energy is deep and highly intuitive. You will find that questions arise around your place in life at the present time. Contemplation may seem like a waste of time, but don’t be fooled—there’s a reason why you may be feeling antisocial and contemplative.