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Your numerology cycles September 16–30

Photography by Julie Falk.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.


Key Number 1

Stay in the background.

This continues to be a cycle month in which adopting a mellow attitude, and not demanding too much of yourself, will keep your drama to a minimum.

Staying in the background, speaking softly, keeping the peace in your environment, is what will work best for you.

Be a supporter for the people around you. You will be surprised at how much satisfaction you will derive from giving calm and sensible advice. Continue being of service to loved ones – but quietly.

It may not be easy to keep at emotional balance.

Remember you are under a very vulnerable cycle energy.


Key Number 2

You are charming.

Although this month cycle energy will call you to be social, it's important not to scatter your energies or deplete your resources.

Try to keep worry to a minimum.

Stay away from any temptations to gossip.

When things do go wrong, be careful to avoid blaming others. Take responsibility for what you are creating in your life.

Try to handle your emotions with common sense optimism, cheerfulness and enthusiasm in all your activities.

You can be extremely entertaining, and your ability to communicate is enhanced.

Make the most of your communication strengths.


Key Number 3

Work is what works in this cycle energy.

Making your dreams come true will require you to be as efficient and rational as you possibly can be.

Be careful with financial matters, and do not avoid responsibility.

In this cycle month’s energy you can't get away with anything. So, stay focused and work hard.

If you feel a little restricted, it may not be a bad thing as you can get a lot done inside the energy of this cycle month.

Change your point of view to make work and responsibility more acceptable.

Take good care of your health.


Key Number 4

Changes in your state of mind.

Though this month is one of most exciting energies you will experience this year, it is also a time when there is a tendency to scatter energies in all directions.

If you can avoid taking on boring, repetitive tasks – at least putting them off until next month – you will be much happier.

Focus is not easy in this complex energy. Your ability to do any kind of detailed work will definitely be challenged.

Do not allow yourself to be contained.

You may have noticed this year has been a bit chaotic. Changes are likely to happen in your family situation, in your residence or even in your career, and definitely in your state of mind.


Key Number 5

Focus on family and relationship.

This cycle month brings increasing responsibilities, and many opportunities to make sacrifices for your family or close personal friends.

Things may continue to move a little bit more slowly than you would like.

Be patient.

If you are attentive you can expect to have a good time on the family and domestic or even the romantic front.

Challenges will emerge and the tactful response is best.

Those around you may be a bit more sensitive than usual.

This is, after all, the most Emotional relationship time of the year.

The most important thing is to wake up each morning making a commitment to be of service to family and loved ones.


Key Number 6

Keep a low profile.

Even if you are usually a social person, find time to be alone or doing quiet activities.

Don't take on responsibilities that are unnecessary.

Reflect on where you have come from and where you're going.

Don't be impatient if things are not moving along as quickly as you would like, the benefit of living a quiet life at this time will be reflected in your health and your emotional well-being.

There may be a tendency in this cycle energy to be misunderstood, for this reason it's important to be very clear in your communication, especially with family.

Don't forget to focus on your own talents, and think about developing your skills. Especially the skills you have been ignoring.


Key Number 7

Jump in!

This continues to be a month when activity is all around. And, you will probably find you are interested and willing to dive in and participate.

Be open, and opportunities will come knocking on your door.

Don't be afraid to blow your own horn, find your courage and ask for what you really, really want.

In the midst of this power year, big decisions will ask to be considered.

Opportunities which have been simmering on the back burner will come to the forefront.

Energy will flow in your direction as long as you take advantage of it and act.

Be brave and businesslike.


Key Number 8

Powerful time to take powerful action.

The last two weeks of the month are particularly important in this cycle month’s energy.

It has been nine years since there has been such intense focus on the need to decide what to keep in your life and what to let go.

At the same time, you will be intensely charismatic. This is a double-edged sword. The need to focus on your own future progress is essential.

Yet the need to be present for people who seek your advice, and perhaps even your presence may be a distraction.

Try to keep some time for contemplation and reevaluation.


Key Number 9

New beginnings!

This continues to be a time of exciting new ideas and possibilities. So much so it may be a bit confusing.

Under the confusion, though, runs a ripple of optimism and hopefulness.

It has been nine years since possibilities have been so abundant - possibilities especially for new beginnings.

If you can capture the mood, invest in optimism, dispose of what has not been working for you, and be willing to face the future with a new attitude, this can be one of the most fruitful periods in your life.

Originality and creativity are more available, and the courage to implement new ideas is a part of this new beginning.

Be careful about being too aggressive.

Don't burn your bridges with friends. This is especially true because next year does not have the same degree of independence and self-confidence, unless you make a real effort to remember how you feel now, and bring it over into the next cycle.

Your drive and determination is laudable, but be sure you don't lose contact with people who may be feeling more sensitive than you are right now.

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