Just a note:

The cycle energy of this month is very intense. Whatever cycle energy you have been experiencing this year, so far, is magnified in September. It is not the last gasp of your present cycle year, but it is a turning point. By the end of this month some of the energy of the next cycle year begins to lap at your toes, a little like the tide coming in.

Cycles are not tsunamis. They kind of creep up on you. So – don’t be surprised if some of your ideas and attitudes begin to shift gradually but noticeably. Watch for it. It’s a good thing.



Calculate Your KEY Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your KEY number by adding the day and month of your birth. The KEY number is not your LIFE PATH number, it is the key to your cycle. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your KEY number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the KEY number (6) that you will keep for life.


Key Number 1

Nose to the grindstone.

This is a time to be practical. Life can be magical but there are times (cycles) when it’s important not to depend only on luck or dreams.

Staying grounded is what is necessary in creating strong and lasting outcomes in your life.

Try to be as efficient and economical as possible especially in financial matters.

Unfortunately, if you don’t manage your affairs cleverly this month, there may be some problems later.

With all the work necessary in this cycle month’s energy, you may feel a little bit restricted. It’s the energy of the month. Accept this testy vibration as the energy of the cycle and work with a positive point of view.

In the middle of all this testiness, it is a good idea to allow a few days to play and to take care of your romantic life—especially near the end of the month. You’re likely to feel quite serious because of all the hard work and tests you must endure this month, so it’s important to give yourself a little time for relaxation.


Key Number 2

Be ready for adventures of all kinds.

Don’t expect things to go the way you expect them to go under this cycle month’s energy. Be prepared for the unexpected and unusual changes. This chaotic energy can show up in all aspects of your life.

You may initiate the changes yourself or find yourself dealing with change initiated by other people or circumstance.

Take advantage of the shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. You don’t really have a choice—this is a time to show your versatility and quick and creative reactions. 

You may be forced to release some old ideas. Be graceful in accepting these changes and make room for new ideas.


Key Number 3

Curl up and be cozy.

This cycle month’s energy continues to be cozy and homey. Drama around family and relationships may be where you have to focus.

Creating a harmonious environment in your home is essential for you to feel comfortable.

You may be called upon to give advice and comfort to family and friends, but it is important to avoid butting in where you are not invited. This cycle month’s energy is about creating positive family interactions, but it’s also important to let love ones make their own decisions unless you are asked to help.

This cycle month’s energy is all about people. It’s also a time for romance, so be prepared.


Key Number 4

Listen to your inner voices.

If you’re wondering why you are feeling less sociable than you normally do, blame it on the cycle. This cycle month’s energy should allow you to focus on your inner life. Pay attention to your intuition. It will be sharper than usual.

Don’t worry if you find you have tendencies towards being a hermit. It’s a natural way to fulfill the necessity to reevaluate and ask the questions who am I? Where am I going? What do I want in my life from this time forward?