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Why walking is good for me (and you, too.)

Nothing beats walking. Why don't I take long walks everyday?   When I walk, I'm, like, human.  Not attached to the computer.  More myself. Wind in my face.  Thoughts falling...

Dick Cheney reviled by international rights group. Vancouver Club called "infamous."

Dick Cheney is coming to town tonight.  The former vice president under the Bush administration will be speaking tonight at the Bon Mot Club's Vancouver Club event, as you probably know by now....

Movement to arrest Dick Cheney for war crimes grows

As Dick Cheney prepares to promote his book in Vancouver tomorrow evening at the Bon Mot Club, a movement to have the former U.S. Vice President arrested for war crimes has grown. This will be...

Will Dick Cheney be arrested in Vancouver?

First Sarah Palin, now Dick Cheney. Torture, Haliburton, the War on Terrorism. Cheney is also a stockholder in the arms-manufacturer Carlyle Group. What kind of welcome should Vancouver give him?

Where women are winning (not Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair's "The New Establishment 2011" is worth a read.

Thank you, Canada

I left New York City nearly 10 years ago for Canada after the September 11 attacks on New York City. Today, I'm looking back.

Norway's horror is our horror, too

Violence against children is pure evil. Today, Norwegian authorities announced the construction of a website to post the photographs of all the 87 people Anders Behring Breivik killed. A friend of a...

What metrics matter most?

Calling the Vancouver Observer "reminiscent of Salon," Kevin Chong compares and contrasts VO, City Caucus, and Frances Bula's blog in his article, "The Politics of Vancouver blogs"  in the July...

Help VO bring you great Vancouver election and campaign coverage

Gregor Robertson has been one of Vancouver's most popular mayors and a month ago, he was said to be unbeatable. Then came the riots and NPA's City Caucus blog jumped all over it, attempting to pin...

Light's out: you're in Nepal

Light's out, you're in Nepal.  We arrived at the Schechen Guest House with our I-phones and I-pads and no electricity.  There was a polite struggle between me, my son, and  my....(...
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