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Get inspired with Indian Summer at W2

Looking for inspiration at some fun cultural events this week? Look no further than the Indian Summer event taking place until July 15. Here's the rundown from SFU Woodwards:  Music transcends...

Slayage Conference at UBC July 12-15: Joss Whedon fans rejoice

Remember Buffy and Angel? Love The Astonishing X-Men? Here's your chance to mingle with other fans of creator Joss Wheldon, the mind behind the shows.

Tim Hortons gets Wi-Fi: will other coffee shops follow suit?

Tim Hortons gets Wi-Fi, giving coffee-lovers and heavy internet users everywhere a reason to rejoice.

I'm fat, Vancouver. Get over it.

A plus-sized young woman recounts horror stories dealing with our fat-unfriendly city.

Top 20 Dorothys announced for CBC's "Over the Rainbow" live competition series

Canada's top 20 aspiring Dorothys were announced and for them the dream they dared to dream is now just a shoe-click away from becoming a reality.

Kate Twa and John Cassini and the Railtown Actors Studio

The Vancouver Playhouse closed its doors for good this year, but as with every death, there comes new life. Railtown Actors Studio is the brainchild of acclaimed acting instructor, director and...

Raffi announces West Coast tour and a Vancouver performance date

Oh, my Bananaphone! Canada's best-loved children's entertainer Raffi Cavoukian ("Raffi") is coming to town. Poopidoopidoop!

Vancouver Aquarium explorers clean shorelines in Haida Gwaii

On the southern half of Haida Gwaii, plastic bottles and blocks of foam cling to the shores. Could the Japanese characters found on most of the beverage containers help identify the culprit?

Vancouver 2011 Stanley Cup riots: a retrospective

One year ago, the Vancouver riot tore the downtown core apart. Here's a retrospective of the stories from the day and its aftermath.
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