Innovative building community management company launches a “crowdsourcing” approach to energy efficiency

BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation has launched their highly anticipated building community management system. Using social engagement to improve the sustainability of commercial, residential and institutional buildings, BuiltSpace is positioned to help Vancouver become the world’s greenest city. And with benefits stacked in favour of tenants and management, BuiltSpace is sure to become one of the next sustainability leaders.

Buildings consume energy because occupants use energy. BuiltSpace’s web-based information management system enables tenants, staff, operators, service suppliers and building management to collaboratively improve the environment in and around their building.

With mobile technology, QR codes and integrated graphs and widgets, this approach has the potential to reap tremendous benefits for both building management and tenants. The advantages include energy and cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency, improved tenant retention and more.

“Energy efficiency in buildings is a tough problem to crack because each building is unique,” says Rick Rolston, President and Founder of BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation.

“We needed to create a cost-effective solution that could be broadly applied to any building. When we realized that people were the only common denominator, we decided that a crowdsourcing approach that engages people to reduce energy consumption in their buildings was the way to go.”

Competing systems often address only technical solutions to energy management. By focusing on social engagement, BuiltSpace helps building management better address technical issues. And by encouraging building communities to improve building health, BuiltSpace can work as a preventative measure.

The timeliness of this groundbreaking system couldn’t be better. As part of their “green buildings” initiative, the City of Vancouver has adopted a target to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% for existing buildings. BuiltSpace allows building operators and management to easily meet compliance and perform energy efficiency retrofits.

BuiltSpace also allows building management to tap into the rapidly growing marketplace for sustainable real estate. By subscribing to BuiltSpace, managers can attract prospective tenants looking for sustainability attributes.

BuiltSpace Technologies partnered with Vancouver design firm KIMBO Design and IT consulting service Knowledgetech in creating BuiltSpace. KIMBO Design created the branding and design for BuiltSpace, while Knowledgetech developed the applications. KIMBO Design remains the agency of record for BuiltSpace Technologies.

About BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation
BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation uses collaborative and mobile technologies to improve the sustainability of buildings. Founded by former CTO of Ingenium Technologies Corporation Rick Rolston, BuiltSpace Technologies uses social engagement to address energy and resource efficiency, and occupant comfort.

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