Surveillance Trojan Horse or Big Brother in disguise?

Last week saw the announcement of dangerous new online spying legislation - supposedly aimed at tackling the serious issue of cyberbullying. According to legal experts, Bill C-13...

PR fills the void left by shrinking newsrooms

As journalism continues to go under-funded, PR staff representing corporate interests have been on the rise.

Kinder Morgan Canada CEO Ian Anderson 'open and transparent' except when asked questions by reporters

Open and transparent, Kinder Morgan Canada CEO says. So why is he so reluctant to answer questions?

Feminism and the weapon-wielding women of The Walking Dead: spoiler alert

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Sexy Halloween costumes are okay, now let's stop mocking them!

Halloween should be a time of year that you can dress however the hell you want, without any judgement

Kick Ass female characters don't get the credit they deserve

While "Kick Ass 2" shows that women can be powerful characters, it falls short by taking center stage away from them. Should "Kick Ass" really be named "Hit Girl"?

Mixed-race families? Kids just see families

What's wrong with this picture? Kids say, "nothing."

The Vancouver Observer is looking for love

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