Vancouver Observer seeks ad sales pro to join team

Vancouver Observer seeks a sales representative with a minimum of  three years experience  to join our dynamic team.  Previous experience must include at least two years selling...

How to leverage media

The press release is dead.

SEO: What's the secret sauce?

What makes a story so hot that two years after publication it hammers your site with traffic? Can you predict or create "viral" content? How can you defy the odds? A few days ago at Northern Voice...

Waiting for Game of Thrones S03E09: Special edition for Dire Wolf fans

S03E09 isn't on until next week, but let's spend Sunday evening together anyway.

Vancouver Observer membership drive kicks off: Meet your host

We tell the stories that effect change. Our stories entertain you and make you think. Now, here's why we'll be asking you to buy a monthly membership to the VO.
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant"

Churnalism: Shedding sunlight on plagiarism and lazy PR

Copy/pasting, plagiarism, parroted press releases: C'mon, can we get a little effort?

More? Sweeping Vancouver Sun and Province cutbacks imminent

Staff at The Vancouver Sun and The Province learned today that the newspapers will be implementing more drastic staff cuts, according to an internal memo obtained by The Vancouver...

Patriarchy and racism give birth to rape culture, not a drunk woman or her miniskirt

The 16-year-old Steubenville rape victim went through a horrifying rape ordeal – she was raped, tossed around like a sex toy, photographed and mocked. It just didn’t happen once and stopped...

It was a great party and there's more to come

There'd been a shooting at 5 a.m. at Smithe and Granville,  the morning of the Extract book launch party and the location of it as well. Ceili's downtown manager called at noon to say the police...