Media Democracy Days: a view into the future of journalism

A decade ago, Media Democracy Day sprung to the Vancouver cultural scene to respond to what many citizens felt was a growing problem: the rapid media concentration in Canada, and the diverse...

Happy Birthday, CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) turns 75 today. "Long before I was a CBC host, I was a CBC fan. I would sit home and listen to Peter Gzowsky and learn about my culture through him," CBC...

2011 Canadian Online Publishing Awards: VO honoured in three categories

The Vancouver Observer won silver for the "best newsletter" category of the The Canadian Online Publishing Awards last night. It was also a finalist in the categories of "best overall online-only...

Finance Minister sympathizes with #OccupyWallSt protesters

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty shares some sympathy with Occupy Wall Street protesters but reminds Canadians that Canada has a different financial environment than the U.S. The Canadian Press...

Vancouver Observer nominated for three 2011 Canadian Online Publishing Awards

The Vancouver Observer has been named a finalist in the 2011 Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Best online-only article series of articles, Best online-only publication website and Best...

Where women are winning (not Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair's "The New Establishment 2011" is worth a read.

Me in Media: how media fosters the inclusion of minorities

Vancouverites gathered at Me in Media seeking answers about media and its role in defining society.

Simmi Dixit talks about empowering minorities through Me in Media

On September 13, a public dialogue will explore how to challenge stereotypes and create inclusion through media. Learn more from Simmi Dixit, the National Coordinator of Multimedia & Multiculturalism.

Riot Review: lack of police not to blame

John Furlong and Doug Keefe released a review of the 2011 Stanley Cup riot, titled “The Night the City Became a Stadium”. The report blames alcohol and too many people in the viewing area, and...

How does ethnicity shape Vancouver's headlines?

Join Me in Media, a public dialogue on how to challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive city through media, on Tuesday, September 13 at the Vancouver Public Library from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.