News of the World dead, Rupert Murdoch news-model lives on

Canadian media show signs of adopting the Rupert Murdoch news model, one that prizes gossip and celebrity over public interest journalism.

What metrics matter most?

Calling the Vancouver Observer "reminiscent of Salon," Kevin Chong compares and contrasts VO, City Caucus, and Frances Bula's blog in his article, "The Politics of Vancouver blogs"  in the July... coming to Canada

AOL's is getting ready to come to Canada, hot off the heels of the Huffington Post -- it's not a question of "if", but of "when". "We are looking at how to bring to all of Canada...

Top Vancouver Events | May 26-29

It's a good time to be in Vancouver. Summer is (almost) here, the Canucks are heading to the finals, and there are tons of festivals going on. Yep, it's the weekend of film festivals and...

Globe and Mail and Spreed in dispute over online content

Spreed, a Toronto-based software developing company, is in dispute with The Globe and Mail over premature termination of a contract.  For the last two years, Globe readers have accessed stories...

B.C. blogger's posthumous post draws eight million hits, outpouring of empathy

Family hopes writing will stand as memorial to man claimed by cancer.

BEE Vancity Top Event Picks Apr 28-May 4: Comedies, Parties and Lots of Voting!

You get more than a chance to vote on May 2. You get a chance to ride to the polling station in a pedicab. For free.

SNN news network launches with defiant gesture

Right-wing channel shows infamous five-year-old cartoons of Prophet that inflamed conservative Muslims

"Fox News North" hits Canadian airwaves today (just in time for the election)

Right-wing Sun News Network promises "hard news", but critics aren't so sure.

Social media conversations 101

Fleabark Creative reveals what really matters in social media.