Bike ride through the blossoms, party with the planet, and join the "Handmade" Revolution

'Tis the season of flashmobs. Did you miss last week's Skytrain silent dance party flashmob? Not to worry, we've found some footage of the event! Looks like a little dancing doesn't faze...

Breaking news on the Huffington Post?

On April Fool's Day, Arianna Huffington spoofs The New York Times' new digital pay wall, but is it funny?

Lady Gaga raises $250,000 in 48 hours

Monsters, rejoice. In order to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims,  Lady Gaga (a.k.a mother monster) spun her creative wheels and turned to design.

Hard Times Hit Parade, Remixology, Eco Fashion Week and a lot more

Amazing theatre, music, chance to make your voice heard, listen to some naked voices, remix other voices and see the latest in eco-fashion.

How to launder money at a casino: video

Graphic artist's depiction of how to launder money at a casino. A call to action against PAVCO and Paragon's proposed mega-casino complex at B.C. Place.

CRTC digs in heels on UBB

A letter from OpenMedia this morning explains that the fight against internet user based billing isn't over. Here's what you can do.

As Hollywood North grows, local companies play leading role

A local visual effects company rides the wave of Hollywood North.

Canada's first man in space vows to fight for "open and innovative internet" in Parliament

The Liberal Party, led by Liberal Industry, Science and Technology Critic Marc Garneau, have vowed to fight for a free and open internet.

Twitter can help Canadians stop the meter on internet use

Signing the petition against usage-based billing is as easy as one, two, tweet.

Stop the meter on internet usage

Here's how to tell the government that you don't want Telus and Shaw charging internet usage fees. Keep the internet free in Canada. Sign Open Media's petition.