Richard Caniell

Richard Caniell is formerly worked at the RCA Victor Recording Studio in the U.S. He later life in Los Angeles as an investigator of criminal conspiracy and grand theft. He immigrated to Canada in 1967 and took up citizenship. Later, he lived as a painter of landscapes, then joined the Valhalla Wilderness Society as Director, Legal Liaison and strategist  in the drive to preserve the Valhalla mountain range across the lake. He later left the Society and formed Immortal Performances, publishing CDs of historic operatic performances and Toscanini broadcasts. He lives in Silverton, B.C. 

Letter to editor: Why not spend the billions for Site C on healthcare in remote areas instead?

Interior Health Authority has spent a year trying to find a second doctor to take up practice at our local hospital serving the community of Silverton, B.C., and failed — no takers, so...