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Real hockey fans didn’t riot, say Canucks

After the storm had settled, the Canucks spoke publicly about the Stanley Cup riots that occurred after losing game seven to the Boston Bruins.

Vancouver Police lay charges in Vancouver riots criminal acts

Vancouver police have recommended their first charges to emerge from the Stanley Cup riot, asking the Crown to lay charges of arson, mischief, unlawful assembly and participation in a riot. Chief...

Vancouver riot started by drunken fans and thugs: video

Video footage of alcohol fueled frenzy that led to the riots last night, following the Canucks-Bruins Stanley Cup playoff. 

Breakdown in authority: photos of Vancouver Stanley Cup riots

More dramatic photos of the Vancouver Canucks riot by Matthew Zylstra Sawatzky.

The clean up begins as Facebook Vancouver crew rallies and police give instructions on how to help

A Facebook page set up last night in response to the overwhelming sense of disgust by the vast majority of Vancouver to the riots has volunteers signing on to the clean up efforts.  Meanwhile,...

Fire on Georgia Street as Canucks lose to Bruins and "yobs" burn car

Wendy Stueck, of the Globe and Mail, writes on Yfrog: At a time when people dying for democracy, yobs burn a car on georgia post #canucks game Fire on Georgia, as Bruins...

City to province: help pay for Stanley Cup Finals street party

Much of British Columbia is proudly watching the Stanley Cup Finals, and much of it is partying in Vancouver's streets. All play, but who pays? Source: Vancouver Observer

Burning water in Alberta leads to lawsuit: fracking

Before the end of 2009, natural gas industry plans to complete at least 4,000 hydraulic fracturing jobs in northern B.C. alone. It's a burning issue for some. Source: Vancouver Observer

Survival, but not careers

A group of recent university graduates at a round table discussion at the Vancouver Observer said they were able to find survival jobs but not opportunities in the careers they've trained for.

Canucks loss in Game 4 of Stanley Cup finals hits home

25,000 people were on the streets watching the game. "This isn't going to be a repeat of 1994," a bystander said. Then he added, "There's no place like home."