Volkmar Richter

Volkmar Richter reviews new movies opening in Vancouver on Fridays.

This week’s new movies for Friday July 3

The week’s big films, Public Enemies and Ice Age, have been playing since Wednesday. There are some better bets, though, among today’s newcomers.

Richter's Pick: This Week's New Movies

Explosions and robot battles are making most of the noise on the big screens this week. There are alternatives in the new films, though, including sex, strident pessimism and economic meltdown.

Movies opening June 19

Canadians, both real and ersatz, are prominent in this week's new movies but for bona fide quality read down the list to a film from France.

This Week's New Movies in Vancouver, BC

You don’t often expect subtlety and art in your summer movies. This week, though, that’s what you get - in two films, including an Academy Award winner from Japan. Also, there’s Hollywood action and...

Ten New Movies Open & Richter's Pick Is: The Hangover

There are 10, count 'em 10, new movies opening today in Vancouver. So how do you choose? Let's start by grouping them. You'll find a whirlwind tour of five distinct styles of comedy. Also...

This Week's New Movies

UP: This may turn out to be the best film of the summer. It certainly has the widest appeal, from young children to the “elderly,” as the central character is labeled. Edward Asner is the voice of a...