Bob Blumer's World's Weirdest Restaurants coming to The Waldorf

Bob Blumer on his culinary experiences and his new series “World’s Weirdest Restaurants” and upcoming “World’s Weirdest Pop-Up Restaurant” event at Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel.

Photo Credit: World’s Weirdest Restaurants Facebook Fan page

I recently had the opportunity to interview culinary adventurer, chef, artist,  and seven time Guinness World record holder Bob Blumer Bob Blumer is the creator and host of award winning shows “Glutton for Punishment” and “Surreal Gourmet”. In his new show the “World’s Weirdest Restaurants”  Bob circles the globe in his quest to find the weird and wackiest off-the-wall eateries, crazy characters and extreme cuisine.

Bob was friendly, down-to earth, and passionate as he talked to me on the phone from his home in Hollywood Hills about his latest culinary experiences, including his new series “World’s Weirdest Restaurants” and upcoming.

An Interview with Bob Blumer:

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: The show's premiere is coming up for World’s Weirdest Restaurants on April 4th, what can viewers expect?

Bob Blumer:  Every episode is a collage of 4 different restaurants from different parts of the world so you get a taste of completely different styles of weird restaurants from all over the place in one episode,  it’s pretty fast paced and rockem sockem.

To view a trailor of World’s Weirdest Restaurant, click here

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: Complete the following sentence……you know you’re at a weird restaurant when?

Bob Blumer:  When you’re eating your curry out of a toilet bowl or when a monkey is bringing you a beer……a real monkey by the way

Photo Credit: World’s Weirdest Restaurants Facebook Fan page

images from right to left:  Bob Blumer monkeys around with the staff at Kayabuki Tavern. & Bob Blumer looks flush with excitement as he samples the fare at Modern Toilet.

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: Is there a particular weird restaurant that was most memorable and why?

Bob Blumer:  We went to a pop up nudist restaurant in New York City where all the diners were naked so the reason why that was so memorable was because it’s so hard to erase from my mind (laughs)

Terri-Lynne Macdonald:  Did you partake?

Bob Blumer:  I did in the end

Terri-Lynne Macdonald:  Was it outside your comfort zone?

Bob Blumer: It was, most definitely

Photo Credit: World’s Weirdest Restaurants Facebook Fan page Bob Blumer enjoys the food at a clothing optional venue, where the salad is the only thing with dressing.

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: What is it about this show that you liked doing compared to the other shows you have hosted?

Bob Blumer:  All three of my shows have been very different.  ‘Surreal Gourmet’ was really a cooking show.  ‘Glutton for Punishment’ was a reality show where I had to learn something very difficult in a short period of time and then I was thrown to the wolves and we never knew what was going to happen.  In the ‘Worlds Weirdest Restaurant’  I play more of a role of a conventional host on this journey to discover these weird restaurants but really I’m just there to be the conduit for the audience to give them a peek at these restaurants.

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: I have read previously that your mantra is ‘the first taste is with your eye’  was this true for the Worlds Weirdest Restaurant series?

Bob Blumer:  Definitely because in a lot of these places it wasn’t so much about the food as it was about the environment they sort of create.  These restaurants use the environment to stimulate your senses so definitely the first thing you take in, is what is surrounding you.

Terri-Lynne Macdonald: Did you find that any of the weird concepts took away from the food experience?

Bob Blumer:  Usually it was the opposite, in that the environment was adding to the food experience.  Sometimes the food on its own was surprisingly delicious but often it was really the combination of the food with the environment.  The food needed the environment to make the whole package work.

Terri-Lynne Macdonald:  What is your food philosophy?

Bob Blumer:  I have lots of food philosophies.  I live for food. I love food. I know you can take really common ingredients and make them delicious by  just treating them in certain ways and cooking them in particular ways.

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