Happy New Year!

We know you love energy politics, culture and technology, and care about climate change action. That’s why we are so excited about 2015.

Today, is the start of our most important year ever in our journalistic enterprise.

We are now deep into planning the launch of the NATIONAL OBSERVER – Canada’s new platform for energy politics. We are looking at everything: a new website, a new brand, and a new national news team.

National Observer iPad design mockup - Codename Design

In the Toronto area, we are now actively seeking a top-notch energy-environment reporter to add to our Ottawa staff for covering Eastern Canada.

We are also seeking major investors. Some have already signed on.

What was clear from 2014 was we are on the right path.

We were handed a national award of excellence from the Canadian Journalism Foundation for our reporting on the oil sands.

We brought an early focus to the LNG boom in B.C.

We were all over the Burnaby Mountain saga, from the early days, to the courtrooms, to the mind-boggling 100-plus arrests.

Now we want to be a journalistic force in the 2015 federal election. Expect us to bring unique attention to the climate change and energy policies of the candidates seeking to lead Canada in the next Parliament.

Stay tuned as we seek your input, advice, and support with the National Observer.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2015!

~ Linda Solomon Wood and the entire Vancouver Observer team