A pure bred Vancouverite, Chef Kearns started cooking at the tender age of 17 at Earls Kitchen + Bar, working his way up to Head Chef in 4 years. After a bartending stint his passion for food drew him back to The Charles Bar in Gastown. Chef Kearns is now the Executive Chef overseeing Blueprint's three bars The Charles Bar, Colony Bar Kits, and the Dover Arms Pub, as well as Blueprint Catering operations.

Here are Chef Kearns’ five favourite restaurants in Vancouver:

1. The Belgard Kitchen, 55 Dunleavy Avenue

Chef Kearns says that The Belgard Kitchen is "easily my top pick in the city right now. I had the great pleasure of getting to know Chef Reuben Major when we were both at Earls, and he is clearly at the top of his game". He enjoys the "fantastic small plates menu, 40+ wines on tap and their very own Postmark Brewing" beers. Chef Kearns adds that "The Belgard Kitchen has something for everyone, and are doing that something better than anyone else".

2. The Flying Pig, 1168 Hamilton Street


"The Flying Pig is Vancouver’s industry leader in the Casual Fine Dining market right now", Chef Kearns states. He eats here because of the "premium quality food" and the "atmosphere is made very approachable". Chef Kearns is impressed that "their consistency and reliability is on point every time I’m there".

3. Café Medina, 780 Richards Street

"Places with lineups all the time are usually that way for a reason", points out Chef Kearns. Café Medina's "top quality morning meals" are "hands down my favourite breakfast", he says. Be sure to take note of the new location at 780 Richards Street.

4. Hubbub Sandwich Bliss, 420 Robson Street and 859 Hornby Street

Chef Kearns points out that Hubbub Sandwich's "humble beginnings on Hornby Street have led to a second location already", with "undoubtedly more to follow". Today's chef's are busy people and Chef Kearns likes Hubbub for its' "in and out quality lunch". He is a fan of the "dedication to food quality that shows in the character of their food" and says they have "soul for days".

5. Chewies, 1055 W. Hastings Street and 2201 W. 1st Avenue

The "fresh local oysters and unreal Cajun food make Chewies a shoo-in for my top 5" says Chef Kearns. He says that "the service is always reliable, and the food has great character. Chewies is definitely worth (the) trip".