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Special Report: Lost Canadians

Canadian children of World War II veterans, war brides, even those once labeled by the law "bastards", and "lunatics".  Many  lived in Canada their whole lives, paid taxes, and carried Canadian passports only to learn that they aren't in fact citizens according to an archaic twist in an old law.  After  four years of reporting on the issue and awards from the Canadian Online Publishing Association and The Canadian Journalism Foundation, the laws are being changed.  But will some be left stateless?

Daughter of Canadian father and war bride, resident in nation for 62-years, but still not "Canadian"

“Bastard,” she says. Denise Tessier, 64, a retired BC Rail administrator living in Quesnel, B.C., makes a sound that could be mistaken for a sob. It’s a laugh. “My sister and I were born out of...

Minors, lunatics, idiots...and women

The repercussions of gender based discrimination in Canada’s Citizenship Act was under the radar in most circles until the late 2000's, when the United States government declared that Canadians...

Discriminatory laws against unwed mothers leave Lost Canadian Ken Smith out in the cold

As the world celebrates progress on International Women's Day, Lost Canadians born out of wedlock face gender discrimination due to outdated citizenship laws.

Elizabeth May to introduce bill to bring citizenship for Lost Canadians

Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has given notice of a new bill that would help grant citizenship to Lost Canadians born before 1947 who were denied citizenship rights due to discriminatory...

Born-abroad Canadians' citizenship threatened due to obscure rules

Canadians born to a Canadian parent abroad are realizing they no longer qualify as citizens.

On Charter's 32nd anniversary, Lost Canadians continue to be denied citizenship rights

Some legitimate Canadians -- including some First Nations individuals -- continued to be denied citizenship based on arbitrary factors such as their parent's gender.

30th anniversary of the Charter, but Lost Canadians can't celebrate

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Charter, the fourth anniversary of the unanimous passage of Bill C-37, and the third anniversary of C-37’s effective date.  What is Bill C-37? It’s better...

Bob Rae says Lost Canadians shouldn't be forced into court over citizenship

Liberal leader Bob Rae insists it's wrong for Lost Canadians to be forced to sue the government in order to gain recognition of their right to citizenship.

++NEEDS QUOTE FROM KENNEY++Lost Canadians advocate keeps close watch on Kenney's promise to close legislative loophole

It's been four months since Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney has promised to close the legislative loophole on the "Lost Canadians" -- a group of people who have been denied...

Famous Lost Canadians who probably don't know they're lost

Here are just a handful of Canadian celebrities or famous people either confirmed or highly suspect of being Lost Canadians that citizenship activist Don Chapman said he knows of....