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Does circumstance and exposure change sexual attraction?

In his adolescence and twenties, Frederico was pretty much exclusively attracted to other Caucasian men.  He especially loved guys that were relatively young, fairly smooth, had some muscle on their body, and were cute.  This is not surprising?  Sounds like the typical Bel Ami gay male model.

As Frederico got older, he found it harder to connect with his ideal guy or type.  The gay culture and world is a little obsessed with youth and beauty to say the least.  Frederico essentially became a middle aged daddy bear.  As a result, Frederico broadened his taste in men and started exploring with men of a variety of backgrounds including Asian, Black, Latino, Middle Eastern, and South Asian.   

It took Frederico a while to develop an appreciation for this diversity of men but today he has literally become obsessed with men of colour.  He still has a strong desire for Caucasian men but he wonders if this is in part a reflection of media images and stereotypes that he was exposed to as an adolescent in terms of what is desirable or not. 

In other words, Frederico always thought he had a type but his type changed over the years largely due to his circumstances and exposure to men of different racial backgrounds.

Does the exposure effect also apply to sexuality?  I don’t think so.  It is interesting, however, that the majority of men in Ancient Greek and Roman society are believed to have regularly engaged in homosexual activity.  This is odd when you consider over 90% of men in modern times are essentially wired to be straight. 

Maybe sexuality is not set in stone but is flexible?  Men in prisons who voluntarily choose to engage in homosexual behaviour is a prime example of this sexual flexibility or is it sexual desperation? The culture of rape and violence in correctional institutions is not my idea, however, of a homosexual paradise. 

It is a good sign, nonetheless, that with a little more cultural understanding and exposure especially in the media, society can develop an appreciation for people of all cultural and racial backgrounds. 

It only makes sense that bringing people of different backgrounds together whether through interracial relationships or friendships will help knock down the doors of racism in society and build more more intercultural and interracial peace and understanding.  Totally loves it. 

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