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News flash, Mr. Harper: Muslim women can be strong. Stop speaking for us.

Do you remember the 1990 Gulf War? I do. I am Muslim, and have never worn a hijab (headscarf)— but at the time, in an act of solidarity, I opted to briefly wear one after I heard a...
Charlie Hebdo protest, left, Istanbul mosque, right

Cartoons and killing: Clash of civilizations argument serves fundamentalists

Almost two decades ago, US political scientist Samuel Huntington penned The Clash of the Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order where he argued that the West and Islam were...

"Gratitude is the force multiplier": video of 2011 through tweets

A look back at all the big (and not so big) events this year via tweets.

Kabul attack updates

Taliban gunmen armed with suicide vests and heavy weaponry have launched co-ordinated attacks in Kabul, targeting NATO's headquarters, the US embassy, and the Afghan intelligence agency, Al Jazeera...

Thank you, Canada

I left New York City nearly 10 years ago for Canada after the September 11 attacks on New York City. Today, I'm looking back.

Remembering 9/11

Mostly I was following my intuition here. Fear did not seem to play any part in this. At least not consciously.

Romantic epilogue

At a Toronto wedding, New Yorkers and former New Yorkers discuss the mosque at Ground Zero, how the children of 9/11 have grown up, and observe passion's power to remake lives.

Tashlich, 9/11, and Pastor Terry Jones

Tashlich is the practice of casting off transgressions at the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. Each bit of bread we throw into moving water symbolizes a quality or event or behavior we do not want to...

Why I came to Canada

I had just dropped my five-year-old son off at school when I heard the first explosion. I was talking with a group of moms.  We fell silent for a moment and then the conversation went on. ...

Canada's bureaucracy still denies citizenship to children of soldiers

"Why can't they see I'm Canadian?" Jackie Scott opened up her father's war record and showed it to a reporter. Scott, 65, spends six months each year in an R.V. park next to the American border in...