Relay: an interesting experiment

Ame Henderson/Public Recording’s Relay is an interesting theatrical experiment. Presently on tour across Canada, this Toronto company intrigues the Vancouver audience with a performance based purely...

Cirque du Soleil comes to Vancouver with QUIDAM

March 9 to 13, 2011, Vancouver's Roger's Arena will be transformed into a circus spectacular with QUIDAM

Reflections on Experiments

Sculptor Lee Gass introduces a series of articles inspired by the dance production Experiments. They will be written by members of the Experiments cast, crew, and consultants, and each will use the b

Thank you Twyla Bella: Experiments Six

Sculptor, educator, and hummingbird biologist Lee Gass thanks Twyla Bella for a beautiful gift. Twyla, who is 6 years old, made a big piece of felt in school, then painted a hummingbird on it. That

Graphing in Sculpting and Choreography: Experiments Five

Sculptor Lee Gass discusses uses of graphing in science and sculpting, and speculates about uses in choreography.

Arabesque: Experiments Three

This about how I, a sculptor, came to be a collaborator of the Experiments dance production (November 25 - 27 at the Scotiabank Dance Centre), and what it means to me.

A story for Twyla Bella: Experiments Two

 My friend Twyla Bella is 6 years old.  She lives on Bowen Island, and I’ve known her parents for many years.  Her Mother is Gail Lotenberg, the choreographer a group of behavioural...

Experiments One

Sculptor and scientist Lee Gass promotes two upcoming events. One event is Experiments, an evening-length dance production about the essence of scientific creativity. He has been collaborating with

Diwali Downtown right now. Masala Man says, "Check it out!"

This past week was busy with so many great events: Board of Change (Tues), CCPAs 'Trouble with Billionaires' book launch (Wed), Development Drinks (Wed), PIVOT Passion for Justice (Thurs), FUSE...

Masala Picks for Sep 30 - Oct 3: Drift | VIFF | South Asian Flood Relief + Much More!!

Konnichiwa Vancity Peeps!! In this EoM / VO edition of offbeat event listings we have two big festivals to highlight with many honorable mention events. Unfortunately I have to be in Regina this...