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Enbridge promises minimum precautions, ignores seismic instability

NGP experts admitted to ignoring a Natural Resources Canada document on seismic instability in Douglas Channel.

US EPA study shows Canadian bitumen still threatens Kalamazoo River following two years of Enbridge cleanup

Two years after a ruptured Enbridge pipeline spilled Canadian bitumen into the Kalamazoo River, the EPA finds Enbridge's cleanup is inadequate.

Highlights from the Joint Review Panel Technical Hearings on Economics

Important moments for those following the proposed Enbridge pipeline debate closely.

Keystone XL pipeline video: "It's not us, it's you"

Keystone XL, Enbridge, Shell and Kinder Morgan: like ex-boyfriends who won't take the hint.

Kinder Morgan: Vancouver’s fate in the rush for black gold

With a history of incremental expansions, could Kinder Morgan’s plans to “twin” the Trans Mountain pipeline be just the beginning?

Burnaby MP asks what BC gets out of Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion

Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart is keeping a close eye on Kinder Morgan’s plans. The Trans Mountain pipeline goes right through his riding. He’s brought the issue up in the House of Commons and...

Crowdsourced campaign for oil tankers e-book gathers momentum

The Vancouver Observer has raised over $8500 for an e-book series about about Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan, Keystone XL and the future of Canadian oil sands development.

Kinder Morgan oil sands pipeline expansion plan said to pose risks beyond leaks and spills

While public and media scrutiny centers on oil spills and pipeline leaks, environmentalists are trying to broaden the picture to include the impact of using heavy oil on Vancouver's carbon footprint.

Enbridge slammed for "Keystone Cop" response to Michigan oil spill

This article can now be found in  Extract: The Pipeline Wars Vol. 1 Enbridge.  Extract contains a year of the Vancouver Observer's powerful reporting on the proposed Enbridge pipeline....

Alberta's oilsands pipelines promise massive non-stop brand-Canada carbon spills

To stay in business, Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline will require a continuous, multi-decade, carbon spill many times larger than BC's current emissions.