gender equality

Canadian Women's Foundation fights poverty, violence against women, and 'sexual slavery'

Women in Canada are taking the lead in making change, says the Canadian Women's Foundation – from ending 'sexual slavery' to addressing poverty and relationship violence – but not without controversy.

Where are all the women in politics?

Canadian women are still underrepresented in local and national politics, even lagging behind countries such as South Africa and India.

How to guarantee gender equality in politics

Gender equality in the legislature is the ideal. The government can double the size of each riding and the citizens can vote for one man and one women from each riding. The number of MLAs would...

Nycole Turmel choice underscores NDP's commitment to women: Linda McQuaig

As a woman takes the helm of the NDP, during Jack Layton's leave, other women are applauding the party's choice. "I think Nycole Turmel is a great choice," said Linda McQuaig, a Toronto-based...