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Integrated Security Unit

How VPD Secured City During 2010 Olympic Games Without Repressing It

A successful police story unfolded during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

Military Helicopter Buzzes False Creek While Tracking Paralympic Torch Relay on Camera

A military helicopter either on a practice drill or in preparation for the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Paralympics hovered above the Granville Street Bridge and buzzed a path over False Creek to...

Arrest Outside North Van Chlorine Facility Highlights Concerns About Dangerous Transports Through Greater Vancouver

Kent Lins took his camera and got into into his car.   Lins's goal was to find out if Canexus Chemical Plant had halted the transport of chlorine, a deadly chemical, during the Vancouver...

Black Bloc Explains Motives in "Communique From Olympic Resisters"

Black Bloc's press representatives said those involved in the riot aimed to strike out at the corporate sponsors of the 2010 Olympic Games to bring attention to the "economic violence that goes on da

Black Bloc Riot at the 2010 Olympic Games Damages Hudson Bay Company Store in Vancouver's City Centre

The Vancouver Police and Integrated Security Unit officers battled with a group that inflitrated a peaceful march of 200 on Georgia Street today. The protest went awry when masked participants began...

Olympic Battle Rattle: The Rules of Engagement Have Already Been Written

The question is not whether opposing elements will meet in the streets. The question is what happens when they do?

US Hazardous Materials Transportation Expert Calls Vancouver a "Prime Terrorist Target"

Fred Millar says Transport Canada should not follow the American lead of providing an image of safety without being able to keep citizens safe.

Ridiculous Scenarios: the Press, the Vancouver Police Department, and/or the ISU

A couple of weeks ago, Police Chief Jim Chu called a press conference to complain about the "dire picture" he said the press had "painted" in the recent weeks about the suppression of civil rights 201

On Violence in 2010

The prospects for Olympics violence has been in the news of late, in part prompted by comments made to the CBC by Gord Hill, a well-known anti-Olympic activist.  The story, in turn, triggered a...

Rafe Mair Apologizes to Chris Shaw in The Tyee; Is Jim Green Next?

 Tyee columnist Rafe Mair apologized to Chris Shaw yesterday in an article in The Tyee. He said he had  disagreed with Shaw's anti-Olympics position for years, but had now changed his mind...