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Enough kitchen-table kvetching: Vancouver event offers strategies for community change

VAN BC's free conference will be held on Sunday, February 13th, at Ray Cam Community Centre, 920 East Hastings, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In open letter to the Premier, APPLE BC says education promise is 'totally unrealistic'

Advocacy group APPLE BC outlines exactly what the Premier committed to when he said that all Grade 4 students in BC will be reading and writing at a Grade 4 level within the next 5 years

Teachers, grab your popcorn

Teachers will be learning about the government's intended changes to education on Wednesday

Kids learn through visual art, says illustrator Rebekah Plett

"There's a point to which all children love art and they will do art unabashedly," says Plett. "But after a point, I think they learn not to do it, or they think they're not good at it."

Why should teachers embrace internet technologies?

"We can choose to sit back and wish it would all just go away," says educator Kelly Walsh, "...or we can choose to embrace it, and look for simple ways to learn more about it."

Public Lecture: Should we evaluate teachers based on their students' performance?

Are students' test scores a suitable way for measuring the effectiveness of their teachers? Everyone is invited to hear Dr. Jesse Rothstein discuss this issue in his public lecture, "Reforming...

To advance aboriginal education, first develop understanding among teachers

Professor says good initiatives are underway, but progress depends on teacher education

Cage match: Full day kindergarten versus the alternative

Full day kindergarten goes head to head with the alternative: half a day spent with parents or in daycare.

Full day kindergarten: It's about equality

Why could the impact of full day kindergarten be so significant - not just for young children but as an investment in the future economic well-being of our province?