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My Five Faves

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Cullin David's Guide

Where in Vancouver can a person find braised tongue, Mexican style?

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Fiona Grieve's Guide

In a city where multi-million dollar start-up budgets aren't uncommon, it's reassuring to know that a former server can open a new restaurant with nothing more than community support, hard work and...

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Sandra Lopuch's Guide

 Sandra Lopuch is the industrial designer, project manager and operations guru at Victory Gardens, a team of urban farmers-for-hire that specialize in transforming all types of urban and...

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Julia Smith's Guide

Vancouver is home to some of the very best “farm-to-table” restaurants sourcing from small-scale, local farms employing sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Chef Taryn Wa's Guide

Taryn Wa owes a culinary debt to her mother and grandmother, who infused in her an abiding passion for food.

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Tony Minichiello's Guide

Operating one of Vancouver's most respected professional cooking schools is hungry work and Tony recently shared his five favourite places to eat in Vancouver.

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Jonathan Chovancek's Guide

Jonathan Chovancek is a fixture in Vancouver's culinary community. A high profile chef for 18 years, Jonathan led culinary teams to the 2006 and 2008 Olympic games and appeared in the CBC documentary...

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Mo Jessa's Guide

As President of Earls Restaurants, Mo Jessa eats out a lot. Staying on top of what's happening at his 65 restaurants fills up much of his dining schedule but he still finds time to explore.

Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver: Michelle Soucker's Guide

Michelle Soucker, The Style Council