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A woman’s survival guide to hip-hop and fishing

As a woman working in the male-dominated world of hip-hop, I often feel frustrated. I tend to be treated more like a groupie or a mother than like an intelligent professional.  A few months ago...

VIWF: Jane Urquhart, author of "Sanctuary Line"

Urquhart’s new novel, "Sanctuary Line," is a meditation on war, poetry, the family, betrayal, immigration, and the Monarch butterfly.

UN hones in on female genital mutilation

Gender justice was a focus at the UN Summit on the progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) last week in New York. A promise was made to address the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM...

Good Morning Africa!

There's a moment in the film where Margaret, the journalist from Uganda, goes to the countryside and talks to the women and tries to explain to them that they can protect themselves through the use of

Lesbian-feminist icon dies unnoticed. But not by us.

Thespian lemonist, dance cricket, and irrepressible funster, Jill Johnston seemed to be everywhere in the 1970s. And then she wasn't.

Vancouver’s peripatetic Master Certified Coach: Juhree Zimmerman

From Dubai to Oslo to Jerusalem to Calgary, Juhree Zimmerman is a woman on the move. At home in Kitsilano, she's still in motion.  She takes me into  the kitchen, and from there we move to...

Melanie Kobayashi: underground painter

Paintings everywhere—on the floor, on the wall, hanging in sheets on a rack. Big paintings—one of them nearly 12 feet long. And I’m jealous.

On the frontlines of the fight against female genital mutilation

Although political mood is beginning to change, it is not that often we hear about the subject of female genital mutilation (FGM) in any great depth.  Most people in the West believe that female...

Next of kin

When I get to Intensive Care, I find Pat wired to several machines that beep softly. The nurse, Dave, asks if I am her closest living relative. I have to think a moment. I suppose I am.

Sarah Hayward and Stripes: The Mystery Circus

As a theatre student in Montreal, Sarah Hayward saw a performer “balancing backwards, singing like Yoko Ono, and operating the light board with his toes.” That’s when she knew she wanted to write a on