Students choosing personalized education over traditional summer school and tutoring programs


Summer school has officially begun! Hundreds of students are now starting their summer classes to either get ahead in a subject or to improve upon a poor grade from the school year. They must now forego vacations and lazy summer days for the confines of a classroom.




Traditionally, students have attended remedial programs offered by the Vancouver School Board, but the high student-to-teacher ratios, non-motivational environment and overall uninspiring lessons are leaving students and parents frustrated. This problem is driving students to find more meaningful and personalized learning alternatives through a publicly/privately blended education. Increasingly, they are pursuing these alternatives through the progressive, student driven programs offered by Vancouver’s BrainBoost Education.


Student Mike agrees:  “After a lot of years in the public school system, I am now a lot happier. BrainBoost is a lot different from regular school. I learn here!”


Private educational companies like BrainBoost Education facilitate deep learning, credit achievement and motivation through a combination of program elements designed specifically for them. Group classes such as Math 10, 11 and 12 allow students to engage in personalized, hands-on learning experiences. Students achieve credits through collaboration with distance education schools from around the province, and learn the material in a fun and meaningful way.


Not only do students earn their credits, but they actually absorb the information through interactions in small group environments and through lessons delivered with enthusiasm and passion that incorporate a high degree of student feedback.


 “BrainBoost offers more freedom. I like that I can learn at my own pace, and I like that the tutors actually seem to enjoy what they’re teaching. They make it fun and they listen.” - BrainBoost Student


 Many students who attend Vancouver School Board summer programs, or who are working on distance education courses choose to work in a private learning centre like BrainBoost to supplement their specific class(es). They do this through a drop-in program where students work in our study space and receive live interaction and help from qualified, interested tutors.


Students who drop in to the supported study spaces at BrainBoost have access to tutors who can answer specific questions, help them deal with challenges and who genuinely help to mentor and inspire them. The spaces are quiet, rich with resources, and have a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1.


 "He must be making up for lost time because this is the happiest and most 'social' he has been in any group of kids.  He has been meeting with some of the guys on weekends, and staying after school with others – all of which is new for him.  Right now I wouldn’t recognize him as the same child, compared to this time a year ago.  Thanks for creating an environment where he obviously feels comfortable and safe." - BrainBoost Parent


 Students also attend BrainBoost to achieve personalized learning outcomes and goals. Many want to prepare for an upcoming course, master a particular skill like fractions or essay writing, or engage with a passion like computer programming, science-fiction, or creating animated comics. BrainBoost offers one-on-one tutoring for students Monday to Friday the entire summer, and 1-week summer fun pods throughout July and August, for students to explore their passions.


Ongoing funding cuts and high student-to-teacher ratios have made it difficult for students to obtain the credits they need and meet personalized learning objectives while staying motivated and interested. These unique public/private educational blends, such as those offered at BrainBoost Education, offer a solution that combine the accountability of a public educational system with the student focused concept of a private business - and it’s working.


"I just wanted to again thank Brain Boost for the very positive experience that [my son] is having with your organization. He is thriving! He scored over 80 percent on his math midterm. And he is meeting wonderful friends at BrainBoost. Thank you." - BrainBoost Parent


 To find out more about the personalized educational alternatives offered at BrainBoost Education, visit their website at or call 604.723.0904. BrainBoost is located at 240-3355 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

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