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Making Vancouver affordable: VO monthly membership has its privileges

Fall in love with Vancouver all over again

Vancouver is an expensive place: you don't need me to tell you that, because your ATM receipt just did so. The struggle to make ends meet has a major casualty: your ability to have fun in this town.

Next thing you know, a month has gone by and the only items you've ticked off are the ones in your Netflix queue.

But guess what... those days are over. The Vancouver Observer is not only going to get your butt off the couch, but we'll help you save money at the same time.

Monthly members of the Vancouver Observer who contribute $10 or more will find themselves with friends in high places. Friends who will give them free tickets to festivals and events across the Lower Mainland.

You joined forces with the Vancouver Observer because you insist on high-quality, in-depth reporting on the issues that directly affect you each day... but who doesn't like the occasional freebie?

Giving you what you need, giving you what you want

We're not big on buttons, t-shirts, stickers, and other stuff that just ends up stuffed into the back of your closet or dumped in a landfill. We'd rather give you something you'll remember, reminding you why it can be so awesome to live here. Being a well-rounded citizen isn't just about spouting statistics on housing prices: you also need a finger on the cultural pulse. For example, do you have any idea how many film- and art festivals there are in Vancouver? There are a lot. Same with music festivals.

In fact, I'm rubbing my hands together with glee in anticipation of what's to come.

Okay, fine, we'll let one cat out of the bag: The Vancouver Fringe Festival. Yeah, yeah, you totally meant to go last year, but just didn't get around to it. Or maybe you spent that week's budget on something else (Nice shoes, by the way). Don't let another summer pass you by.

The Fringe Festival is only one cat, and trust me when I tell you that our bag is full of cats.

This is how we do it

Here's how it's gonna work: when we have a special offer ready to go, I'll let our monthly members know. Give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook, and I'll hook you up. Together we'll see Vancouver through new eyes, and fall in love all over again. You want to get in on the action? Support the Vancouver Observer with a monthly donation.

This series of surprises is a special thank-you to the readers who commit to supporting us on a monthly basis.

If you are a one-time contributor, rest assured that we have not forgotten about you. Like I said, this bag has quite a few cats in it. Mee-yow.