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Lovena Galyide's backyard garden

Lovena Galyide in her wood-framed lasagna garden.

Gardens are sprouting up everywhere in Vancouver. It is one sign of being in the energy of the new world which is a dimension of simple deep joy, interconnection with Mother Earth, freedom and play. Lovena Galyide, raw food chef and coach extraordinaire, started her first garden this year.


In the alley outside her home, she grew a lasagna garden. It was made of soil, compost, coffee grounds, decayed leaves and grass. Straw and seaweed could also be added as well as some manure.




In her back yard, Lovena added good soil and “black gold” compost to newly dug garden plots.


If we are supposed to have over 300 varieties of plants in each home garden to be sustainable according to “The Ringing Cedars Series” of books from Russia, Lovena has a good start with over 30 plants like lettuce, chard, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, tomatoes, peas, currants, raspberry blueberry and gooseberry bushes, and fig, cherry apple and olive trees.




Plants all seem to get along just fine living together interdependently!




Vertical gardens also work. Plants like peas and beans can grow up fences by using strings or wire mesh.





I asked Lovena why she gardens. This was her answer: "It's so exciting to plant things in the ground and wait for them to come up to see the first leaves. It's like watching a baby growing up.

During the summer, we have the chance to give our bodies all the good they need with local and seasonal food. The best food is local and this is as local as we can get. It's pure, clean, good energy food that comes from putting my energy into the plants. I put in my love and the more love we give plants, the more they grow.

It's an energy exchange. We give them the good, pure energy of our love and they give us back their beautiful energy that makes us so happy as they grow."


I would like to publish more garden stories. If you have planted a garden, then you have a story that goes with it. Contact me with your phone number at kathie I will call you for an interview. Your story could appear in the on-line Vancouver Observer newspaper.


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