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"No Mothers Day" by Christy Turlington urges action over consumerism

In a time when Mother's Day has become a billion-dollar industry focused on Hallmark cards and gift-buying, Model Christy Turlington Burns challenges people to pull back and consider what it really...

Unhappy Birthdays, Part 2: The politics of "birth rape" and mothers with PTSD

Women today are as likely to develop PTSD from giving birth as modern solders are from military combat, due to the "rape"-like procedures used in some hospitals.

Hunger Games spawns dystopian Barbie

Mattel Inc. recently released the newest addition to the Barbie family in response to the Hunger Games franchise: a Katniss Everdeen Barbie.

Ladies Rock Camp turns Vancouver's Waldorf into a school of rock

May 25 to 27, local women will form a band, write a song and perform it—in three days. A family of campers and mentor Kathryn Calder (of the New Pornographers) talked to VO about the experience.

Why do girls like Instagram?

Instagram, the hottest app recently acquired by Facebook, allows for easy editing and sharing. What do girls like about this application and why is it so popular?

Unhappy Birthdays: Why more mothers are saying they were "birth raped"

Imagine a woman lying on her back, immobilized with fear and a numbing drug, as a stranger penetrates her with his hand and touches her with sharp objects, against her consent. What has just been...

Affordable housing issue in Vancouver now personal for former city councillor Ellen Woodsworth

Even for former city councillor Ellen Woodsworth, forced to leave her home after 33 years, the search for affordable housing in Vancouver is like the search for the holy grail.

Conservatives reopen abortion debate: not surprising, but scary

Today, the House of Commons will discuss a motion to review what makes a human human. What might this mean for women in Canada?

Beyoncé: feminist or fauxminist?

Beyonce, for all the girl-power affirmations, reinforces old patriarchal standards by sexing up her image for the male audience (see above).

Miss Representation: Vancouver women leaders challenge sexism in media industry

The Vancouver Observer publisher Linda Solomon joined a distinguished panel of media specialists to talk about institutionalized misogyny.
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