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New movies for August 28

One more hit of Woodstock? Yes, there’s a light and friendly sidebar to the big festival at the top of the list this week. After that, things get serious. (Read more)

The new movies for August 21

Three versions of reality lead off the movies opening today: real facts in a documentary, biting satire and history by Tarantino. (Read more).

This week’s new movies for Aug 14

A Vancouver-based filmmaker this week gets a major launch onto the world stage – and beyond. Today’s lead review explains why. Plus, there’s a wide variety in the many other new films. (Read...

This week’s new movies for August 7

Food and music top the list this week. Enjoy them while you can because there’s different stuff down below. Unease, fear, world weary men and one very conflicted priest. (Read more).

This week's new movies

Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler together at last. It’s fun for them and maybe a good career move but a only mixed bag of a movie for us. Your alternatives this week include a great deal of suspense and...

New Movies for July 24, 2009

Two romantic comedies go head to head this week: one very good, the other bad. There’s also a smaller tussle by movies about music and a thought or two about children.

New movies this week: Potter delivers

The new movies for July 17 are reviewed here by Volkmar Richter who writes: "You can’t avoid Harry Potter this week, nor should you. But if you must, there are two hits of war, a dose of...

The new movies for July 10

Silly, silly Bruno hogs the spotlight this week. If you liked Borat, take note. If not, read further to a couple of romantic comedies, or better yet a startling look at the food we eat.

This week’s new movies for Friday July 3

The week’s big films, Public Enemies and Ice Age, have been playing since Wednesday. There are some better bets, though, among today’s newcomers.

Richter's Pick: This Week's New Movies

Explosions and robot battles are making most of the noise on the big screens this week. There are alternatives in the new films, though, including sex, strident pessimism and economic meltdown.
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