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Your numerology cycles December 16–31

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This is a cycle for celebration, but it’s also a time when it’s important for you to take good care of yourself. Stay out of conflict and be as cooperative with others as you possibly can.

Holiday seasons are fraught with emotion for families and loved ones. Remember to keep a peaceful demeanour even though you may feel like giving an opinion. Check first to see if it is actually going to be welcome. 

Work to create harmony in your environment.

Be patient. Events will move slowly.

Enjoy yourself quietly and have a happy holiday!


Key Number 6

This is a time for creative self-expression in the holidays.

This year, you are more likely to fall in the holiday spirit than you have for the last three holiday periods. For this reason, excitement and joy are more likely to be part of your holiday experience.

You may have felt a little cranky last month but in this month, perhaps unaccountably—the cycle is to blame for many of these experiences. There is a very good chance that you will feel intensely creative, excited about the possibility the holidays bring, and perhaps even a little hyper at times.

Creativity abounds. Perhaps you could use a little of this creative energy to think about finding gifts in a different way than usual. Vintage stores are wonderful for jewelry and other surprises.

Make a creative commitment to see what you can find, while being gentle with the environment.

And have a happy holiday!


Key Number 7

Creating order in a chaotic season.

Stay grounded in this cycle month’s energy. Make lists and stay on track with your usual work schedule.

Of course, this doesn’t apply on the days when you are meant to celebrate, but for the remainder of the month it’s important to stay disciplined.

Though you are in a cycle month—regardless of the holidays—it’s important not to fall into rigidity.

You can bring order to chaos without getting up anyone’s nose if you do it with the spirit of helpfulness and creating the best possible experience for family members or loved ones.

The challenge of this holiday season is not to be rigid but resilient to see the need for structure but not be inflexible.

Remember to take some time to explore the spiritual aspect of the holidays. And enjoy!


Key Number 8

Be patient.

The last two weeks of this cycle month can be a little chaotic physically and emotionally.

Unless you have been able to take some time for rest and adventure, you may find yourself feeling a little confused. In this cycle month’s energy, you want to feel free to change things, to be flexible and resourceful.

Old traditions need to be honoured respectfully, even though is important for you not to feel boxed in by the traditions.

For these reasons, is important for you to find new and exciting ways of enjoying the holiday season in your own way.

Be careful of overspending, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good feelings that come with finding a gift which brings happiness to someone else.

Enjoy the holiday season in your own, perhaps slightly unconventional way!


Key Number 9

Matters of the heart.

This cycle month’s energy is very much about the heart. Not only love of family, but romantic love, is often an important consideration right now.

You will naturally be drawn to make others feel comfortable inside of this potent emotional season, but that does not mean that after you have finished dispensing wisdom and creating harmony for others, that there is not the possibility of romance blossoming in your life.

On the other hand, the challenge of this cycle month’s energy is not to be a martyr to the needs of others and remain realistic in matters of the heart.

At the end of this cycle year, in this cycle month, it’s important to take care of yourself.

Have a very happy and homey holiday!

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