I Made it to Make It Vancouver

Photos by Kelly Marion.

It's Saturday and I find myself on the Drive in a coffee shop. I've read the newspaper, watched the eclectic group that the Drive draws as they get their coffees, and have updated my Facebook Status on what I'm currently doing. Looking outside I see that in typical Vancouver fashion, it's raining. What shall I do? I wonder.

Flash forward 30 minutes and I'm at south Commercial Drive at the Croatian Cultural Centre at Make It Show Vancouver. I can't think of a better thing to do than to shop when it's raining. Luckily, there's no line when I stroll in because within half an hour there's a line wrapping around the entrance. I knew it would be popular but this is crazy. It only makes me more excited to see what they've brought in this year as I loved it last year and am a total craft fair/artisan market junkie.

The first thing I do is start chatting with the Ethical Deal representative who hands me some Pop Chips, tells me to enter a draw and points me in the right direction, suggesting the "best route" to go. Off to a great start -- I've got the inside scoop! Strolling from vendor to vendor, I can't help but strike up a conversation with virtually every artisan, chatting about their product as I pick up, smell, rub, taste and poke anything I can.

I'm fascinated by Belvedere's "Classy Goods for Classy Gents" a collection of moustache combs, tie clips made from cutlery and "Manly" buttons. It reminds me of some friends that yell "Monster Trucks" "Beer" or "Football", whenever their conversation gets too emasculate. I had to pick some up for them of course. 
With a handful of buttons I continue on my way only to discover a sassy little stand titled Flirty Fortunes. Intriqued I pick one up. "If you play your cards right, you'll get more than a cookie tonight..." Well luck be a lady tonight! What a great fortune! Trying to decide between the chocolate, vanilla and matcha cookies was the hard part in the purchase as there was no doubt I must have these to dole out as stocking stuffers.

Moving onwards the day brings forth more samples of teas, jellies and chocolates and continuous entertainment, including my friend's brother's band, The River & The Road!

Also notable were the clever but borderline racist "Herro" and "Dericious" shirts from Herro Hachi. Every person that walked by couldn't help but say "You Had Me at Herro." The girl manning the booth even said that people corrected her when she said "Hello" telling her that she should be saying "Herro". I was tempted to buy a shirt, but really, can I get away with wearing one of these?

With the event being held in November it was very apparent that #Movember was a theme for many. Moustaches everywhere! Moustache cookies from French Made Bakery, a moustache tree ornament and even a gold Moustache necklace! Oh man...

The Make It show was as I expected; full of amazing people looking to support local artisans, who happen to be the friendliest people you can buy from. They care about their products because that's how they make a living; they love what they do and want you to love that they do it.

For more information, check out the Make It Vancouver website.

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