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Amy Huva

Amy Huva is an environmental chemist and writer from Melbourne, Australia who worked for the Australian Federal Government on agricultural water reform and the Montreal Protocol. She is currently working in the environmental sector in Vancouver, Canada.


Carbon Budget Crunch

When the carbon budget crunch inevitably comes, what’s going to go first?

Mary Lee Chan's heroic fight helped make Vancouver what it is

A community group in 1968 defending their neighbourhood was a sustainability win for us all in Vancouver.

Fevered: Why a hotter planet will hurt our health - and how we can save ourselves

Climate change is bad for our health in a horrifying I want to build a hermetically sealed shelter kind of a way.

When reality bites

Climate change deniers creating their own reality are actually causing their own worst nightmares to come true.

Whale watching in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

A location too beautiful to be disturbed by energy projects.

Facing the consequences of inaction on climate change

We have a choice. Our future does not need to be fuelled by fossil fuels and ravaged by drought, disease, storms and famine.

I am pro-snow (and anti-climate change)

I love skiing and I love snow. Which means I really don’t love that climate change is slowly melting the snow.

Al Gore's Climate Leadership Training kept me riveted and inspired

The man knows how to tell a story.

Learning from Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project

Al Gore is a phenomenal public speaker and an amazing story teller. Was he trying to make us cry by showing the Hurricane Sandy video?