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Edward Ngai

Edward Ngai is a reporter and researcher studying comparative politics. He graduated from Stanford University in 2015. His reporting has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, San Jose Mercury News, and the Stanford Daily, where he was editor-in-chief from 2013 to 2014.

Gordon Campbell dug deeper into his political grave with disingenuous HST apology

The Premier's segment on the CBC digs the Liberals into a deeper hole, his re-election intentions pushing even diehard Liberal voters across the aisle.

Tony Clement keeps shooting the Tories in the political foot

Tony Clement has gone from rising political star to floundering minister immersed in controversy.

Conservative media’s ongoing assault on credible journalism takes a predictable turn

The media again successfully defames an upstanding member of the public service through shameless manipulation and misinformation.

The City of Vancouver wants your help in building the greenest city in the world

Through the launch of the new website, Vancouver citizens have the opportunity to tell the City what they want to see.