After 11 years of bringing you local reporting, the team behind the Vancouver Observer has moved on to Canada's National Observer. You can follow Vancouver culture reporting over there from now on. Thank you for all your support over the years!

Jason Hall

Jason Hall, Senior Editor - Arts & Culture, brings his passion for the local side of the Vancouver arts scene to the Vancouver Observer. Having grown up in a family of artists and theatrical designers of various sorts, he developed an early love for visual as well as performing arts. 
Previous to taking up the pen, he played clarinet with a number of orchestras in Canada (including the Vancouver Symphony), and continues to perform around the city. He also cycle commutes to Burnaby where he works as Marketing Content Writer for Webtech Wireless (a software company), and is instructor for BCIT’s Associate Certificate in Technical Writing program. 
See his website at and follow him on twitter: @jasonhall_ca

What Vancouver can learn from Paris on bikes: City of Light transport

Returning to Vancouver from Paris, I had to ask myself, “Why doesn’t Vancouver have a bicycle sharing program?”

The Balkan Music and Dance Workshops: re-thinking dissonance

Some might dream of marble counter tops in the suburbs or channel-changer stagnation, but to a diverse few, a trek to Balkan music camp is the best way to embrace life in all its rhythmic complexity.

Musical instrument makers on bikes

It’s a sight to bring a tear to Gregor’s eyes. If a handyman slash drummer is able to manage two careers by pedal power, what’s to stop the cubicle monkeys from following suit?

Discovering Vancouver's hidden music makers

What does Crab Park and the Orpheum have in common? They are both venues where Vancouver’s other music makers—the locally based makers of fine musical instruments—can be heard. Last week, I...

Halloween, Vancouver-style

Hazards, haunts, and happenings for an exciting and safe Vancouver Halloween.

Growing communities with community gardens

The single most common question from those visiting the Davie Village Community Gardens during the Olympics was, “How did you guys do this?” How its done is through community integration.

Xwayxway (Not Stanley Park)

On 30 June, I was fortunate enough to be at the official opening ceremonies for Klahowya Village in Stanley Park. The village, located near Malkin Bowl, features an interpretation centre, a re-skinned

Cypress Mountain repays Olympic debt

It's the question that just won't go away.

The Symbolism of Rhythms of the Fall May Have Been Lost on Most at the Opening of the 2010 Olympic Games. Too Bad.

As I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, the startling image of the devil in a flying canoe made me think of my young Texan friends again. What would they be thinking of this satanic homage to Can

Celebrating the Unlympics

My first inkling of people carrying on a normal life during the Olympics came with an invitation from my neighbours to join them at their house for an evening of Rummoli. You mean, everyday life conti