The Walking Dead: what's with the zombie apocalypse obsession?

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Zombie attack: what would you do?

This idea of “if it were me...” becomes especially interesting when you read the commentary in fan forums on the AMC Walking Dead website. For instance, in the online series of webisodes, a frantic mother gets bit and chooses to sacrifice herself so that her kids can run to safety. She backs into a huddle of hungry walkers on a suburban street, kneeling down next to an abandoned car only to be devoured by a dozen bloody corpses.

Beneath the video window on the web page, the comment thread contains both harsh opinions and heartfelt advice.

“I understand mom was bit, but come on she could have taken them within sight of the meeting place,” said one user.

“Those little ones got eaten for sure! Too bad,” said another.

One other user suggested that she could have grabbed an extra gun before leaving the house, or at least scrambled underneath the car to make it more difficult and give the kids more time to get away. In any case, these comments indicate just how difficult it is to watch this type of show without putting yourself in the characters’ shoes.

With the return of the series this coming weekend, fans around the world are anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the Walking Dead saga. Will the gang be forced to leave the protection of the farm where they’ve been camping? Where will they go? As the characters continue their search for an undefined “promised land” where some government official has things under control, many start to lose hope that there’s anything better out there.

It’s the classic existential dilemma—what’s the point of living, in a hopeless world filled with nothing but fear, death and tragedy? Well, take notes, people. Watch and learn, because who knows? That might be you someday.

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