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Why buying local, organic food online beats shopping at big box grocery stores

I buy organic, local food online and I use SPUD.  Give SPUD a try today and get nearly $50 worth of delicious, free food.

Photo courtesy of SPUD Vancouver is a local fresh delivery service based in Vancouver, BC, that has made my life simpler, saved my family money, and improved my cooking. I encourage you to give SPUD a try, and use  promo code OBSERVER45 to receive a $25.00 off first purchase when you spend $50 or more.  Then you get $10 off your second purchase, when you spend $35 or more.  And finally, you get $10 off your third purchase when you spend $35 or more.  

Here are some of the reasons SPUD works for me:

SPUD helps me budget

Shopping at SPUD gives me complete control over the spend. No surprises at the check-out counter when it's too late to turn back. SPUD’s website is beautiful, appealing and efficient. I see my list and can check and uncheck items until I fit my order into my budget. I’m amazed at how much more good food I’m getting from SPUD than I got for more money from Whole Foods, Safeway, etc.

Using SPUD, I know where my food is coming from. I can even count how much carbon it takes to get it to me.

I get to order locally grown food and see exactly where the food comes from.  Local means fresh. And I can taste the difference. When I open my SPUD box, a cornucopia of fresh vegetables and fruits greet me as well as delicious baked goods like the lemon blueberry loaf, kids sandwhich bread and scones from local bakeries, fish from local fisheries, and meat butchered close to Vancouver.

Because I don’t have to carry the groceries, I stock up on the food I really need with SPUD

Sitting down at my computer on Sunday and ordering for the week allows me to give careful consideration to what my family will eat during the week. There's a notice from SPUD that comes mid-week, reminding me to update my order before time runs out.  Up to 24 hours before my delivery date, I can still make changes.  During this time, there's a dance between mealtime and my order form.  I recall what we are overstocked on and don't need more of.  What we ran out of too soon. It helps me be sure the basics are all on hand: fresh garlic, yummy organic onions and ginger to start with.  Heavier items like potatoes are easier for me to have enough of, since I don't have to haul them in my arms from grocery store to apartment. Jewel yams and organic potatoes serve as staples now for my family, supplemented with greens, tofu, organic chicken or eggs.  My constantly hungry teenage boy loves these potatoe dishes for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

My kids love SPUD

Speaking of hungry boys, my kids have been huge fans of SPUD, since it started arriving mid-week.  My sons come home from school and open the refrigerator and big smiles break out on their faces.  My 11 year-old son loves helping with the order. He’s gotten us buying the delicious lemon blueberry loaf and banana bread. He carefully scrolls through the juice boxes and makes sure we have stock for school lunches. He’s happy because in the past I just didn’t buy those, because at Safeway, he saw the brands that use fake juice and extra sugar and demanded them. I refused.  Now, he’s taken by the organic, all fruit, all natural, brands, because that’s all he sees. No more dealing with carefully placed junk food designed to fix childrens’ attention. No more random, impulse buying at the grocery store at all. 

More compliments on my cooking, more clean plates, thanks to SPUD

 Cooking for a family of six has challenges. But I think I’ve nailed it with SPUD. I’ve never received as many compliments about my cooking or watched so many people clean their plates and ask for seconds as I have since becoming a SPUD customer. No kidding.   SPUD is under new management, as of 2010. A few years ago, I tried SPUD and wasn’t so happy with it and stopped using it.  The changes SPUD has made under new management have been good ones. 

Food’s better at home than eating out with SPUD

In the end, my family’s spending less on food.  The primary reason is that having excellent ingredients, selecting them carefully, ordering only what we’ll really use, adjusting the order week by week,  means eating out  less. And that saves cash. Potentially lots of cash. Knowing that restaurant food won’t top what comes out of our kitchen makes me happy. And there’s nothing like watching a table that includes a perpetually hungry teenager, two middle of the roaders and what has to be the most finicky child on earth all happily enjoying meals together and knowing they’re eating truly nourishing food.

Give SPUD a try and get discount with VO code

 Win, win, win. You get great food and local farmers thrive.

Use promo code OBSERVER45

Here's what happened to me: I started ordering from SPUD, because I kept seeing the ads on the VO site.  I'm surrounded by grocery stores in my 'hood and I assumed it would be too expensive anyway, but then the idea of it kept popping up in my head thanks to those beautiful ads.   Finally, I made the move...

 if you are inclined to, now's the time. Order today, get great food in a convenient new way and help Vancouver Observer's excellent, independent journalism thrive. Thank you. 

Linda Solomon, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, The Vancouver Observer

The Offer:

  • $25 off your first purchase when you spend $50 or more
  • $10 off your second purchase when you spend $35 or more
  • $10 off your third purchase when you spend $35 or more
  • Offer expires April 7, 2013


Valid for new customers only. Must reside within SPUD delivery area. May not be combined with other promotional offers.

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