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Justin Trudeau's birthday wish for Robertson, plus retro photos

Mayor Gregor Robertson, then and now.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is turning 50 today and Justin Trudeau sent his birthday wishes in this video:

Vision Vancouver  posted some then-and-now photos through its social media outlets, so you can see what Gregor looked like back in the day.

The first photo is from 1974, when Gregor Robertson was but a fourth-grader at Cypress Park Primary School in West Van. That class portrait, wow: everyone's look has come back, and is for sale in the triple digits on Main.

Gregor Robertson in 1974 (Vision Vancouver)Gregor Robertson in 1974. Check out the trousers on that kid in the front row, though. (Vision Vancouver Facebook)

The next photos shows Gregor as a teen, during which period he had borrowed Mark Hamill's hair. The photo is undated, but this is a total teenage pose. We all have one of these in a shoebox somewhere. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Gregor Robertson, then (Vision Vancouver)
Steve Jobs Gregor Robertson, undated retro photo. That collar. (Vision Vancouver Facebook, Twitter)

Since the days when photos looked like this without smartphone filters, Robertson has gone from farmer to juice guy to politician.

The crucible

Public office tends to age people at an advanced rate.  It's like leaving something on the dashboard during the summer. Just ask US President Barack Obama.

Robertson seems to have done okay, though. Let's look at two photos from the Vision Vancouver Flickr page: one from his first year as Mayor...

... and one from this year.

Not much of a change in appearance, though we know that his life has had its ups and downs since 2008. Vision Vancouver is remarkably media-savvy, though, and does its best to show their guy in the best possible light at all times.

Still, one cannot help but think how much healthier he'd look if he had access to that still-notional bike-share program...

It's a workday

Robertson doesn't get the day off for his 50th, no way, not this close to an election. Indeed, Vision is celebrating Robertson's birthday by asking people to join their mailing list. Sort of weak for such a milestone. If I were Gregor, I'd hold out for a cake. They can put pretty much anything you want on a cake, even Lightning McQueen.

C'mon, guys: Lightning McQueen. he and the Mayor even sort of have the same smile.

Lightning McQueen from 'Cars'

Say what you will about Gregor Robertson, Vancouver has a Mayor that looks like he actually steps outside now and then. As for the old photos, we can chose to be embarrassed by our past, or embrace who we were; recognizing that growing older is a privilege.

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