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Wondrous photo exhibit by Andrew S. Wright

Wondrous: large scale photos celebrate the 'Great Bear' at Science World

The Great Bear Rainforest is the name coined by environmental groups in the mid-1990s to refer to a remote region of temperate rain forest on the British Columbia coast between Vancouver Island...

At Science of Cocktails, partygoers enjoy oddball alcoholic drinks for a good cause

Alcohol combined with educational games makes for a party like no other. At Science of Cocktails, more than thousand people packed into the TELUS World of Science for an evening of drinking,...

Reconciliation Week to launch with All Nations Canoe Gathering

Reconciliation Canada, Canada’s first-ever Reconciliation Week (September 16-22) will begin with the All Nations Canoe Gathering in False Creek on Tuesday, September 17, a...

David Vogt on technology and the future of humanity

A cosmic thinker talks with VO about the story of science.

Top Vancouver Events March 28-April 3: Rubix cube party, Zakir Hussain and music shows

Music and parties. That's the theme this week and we're liking it. We've also listed a couple of documentaries worth checking out. Last week's picks centered around food, and if you weren't at the...

Harper and Clark: Fiscal restraint, fancy new Science World

PM pushes investment, tight budgets; premier just loves science.

VO Photo Pool: Architecture and light

Blue skies and beautiful city views. This is Vancouver.

A rainbow lights up the sky over Vancouver

We don't get many thunderstorms here in Vancouver, but we do get the occasional rainbow. Especially this time of the year. The sun's always low on the horizon, and the sky often clear in the West in...

BODY WORLDS & the Brain at Science World

We talked with Science World Media and Communications Manager, Pamela Saunders, to get the inside story on an exhibit that takes you inside the human body in a way you'll never forget.

Stephen Colbert Offers to Re-Seed the "Canadian Swamp"

Vancouver Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper had the opportunity to meet Stephen Colbert after he finished taping his TV show on Thursday. He told Comimissioner Jasper that he is...